About Us

Tri-State Sound and Light is here to help you.

Tri-State Sound and Light was started in 1995 working with small sound systems for fairs and festivals.  We then moved forward doing sound reinforcement for concerts and arena events. 


We at Tri-State Sound and Light strive on helping make you event or install a total success by providing sound reinforcement services at a great value.

We not only can give you the equipment to make your event stand out but we also pride ourself in our service.  When we are onsite of your event we  make your event seem seamless with production equipment.


We can help you with lots of different aspects of your event including  concert sound, public address systems, lighting systems. We follow the moto that to make a successful event everyone has to work together for the common goal of keeping your patrons informed and entertained in a safe matter. 

We look forward to hearing  about your event and hope we can provide future services.